Pre Khmer-Rouge
Sinn Sisamouth 1953–1975 Independent The Father of Modern Khmer Music, King of Khmer Music
Ros Sereysothea 1962–1975 Independent
Name Years active Record label Comments
Noy Vanneth 1979–present Rasmey Hang Meas First singer after the Khmer Rouge
Meng Keo Pichenda 1988–present Rasmey Hang Meas
Him Sivorn 1985–present Various
Preap Sovath 1993–present Rasmey Hang Meas
Kum Bunnadeth 2004–present EV Productions
Chhet Sovan Panya 2005–present Rasmey Hang Meas Known for her song “Mouse loves rice”
Touch Sunnix 1989–present Rasmey Hang Meas

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