Mayra Andrade (1985– ), singer, living in France
Bana (1932–2013), singer
Bau (1962– ), musician, composer
Teófilo Chantre (1964– ), musician, living in France
Bela Duarte, artist
Cesária Évora (1941–2011), singer and global popularizer of morna and coladeira
Fantcha (1956– ), singer
Ana Firmino (1953– ), singer, living in Portugal
Jotamont (1912–1988), composer of morna
Ildo Lobo (1953–2004), singer with Os Tubarões
Suzanna Lubrano (1975– ), zouk singer, living in Netherlands
Vasco Martins (1956– ), musician, composer
Karin Mensah (1965– ), jazz singer and music educator living in Italy
Manuel de Novas (1938–2009), composer
Tito Paris (1963– ), musician, composer, singer, living in Portugal
Fernando Quejas (1922–2005), singer and songwriter
Gil Semedo (1974– ), singer, composer, living in Netherlands
Armando Zeferino Soares (1920–2007), composer of the famous song “Sodade”
Eugénio Tavares (1867–1930), greatest composer of morna
Tcheka (1973– ), singer, composer, musician
Antoninho Travadinha, violinist
Dona Tututa (1919–2014), composer and pianist


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