Kanye West Holds Open Air Sunday Service, Tells Thousands To Flee The Devil (Video)

Kanye West Holds Open Air Sunday Service
Kanye West Holds Open Air Sunday Service At Salt Lake City outside of Gateway

Famous rapper Kanye West, who has been very outspoken about his faith in Jesus Christ, held a Sunday Service event in Salt Lake City over the weekend. During the service, he commanded thousands who turned up to hear him to pray against and flee from the devil.

The popular musician told the thousands of young people gathered about the evils of the media, as well as instructing them to tell Satan, “Your time is up!”

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Kanye has in recent times, presided over his own Sunday Services, which have attracted his fans in the thousands. In this latest event, he held the gathering across the street from the Gateway Center, which was at the same time hosting followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who were holding their own semiannual worldwide General Conference, Christian Today reports.

The event was so packed that many people even took to the surrounding rooftops to join in.

Kanye West Holds Open Air Sunday Service At Salt Lake City outside of Gateway
Kanye West Holds Open Air Sunday Service At Salt Lake City outside of Gateway

West’s large gospel choir sung throughout, and at one point as they hummed to the tune of “Jesus Walks”, West stood forward and offered a prayer to those gathered. He said, “Spiritual warfare, there’s a war going on outside, no man is safe from. It’s no longer a mystery, Jesus has already won the victory!”

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During the sermon session, West told his followers to “tell the devil your time is up!” and those gathered enthusiastically repeated his declaration.

West also said, “He’s [Satan] been trying to control our minds through social media. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, no false validation, no Grammy, no Oscar. God, this is your nation. This is America, ain’t it?”

Offering up a prayer, West said, “Lord Jesus, our Savior, thank you for bringing us this far. We know we don’t need to worry but sometimes the flesh is weak.”

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When someone in the crowd shouted, “Thank you, Kanye,” he quickly replied to them, “What I want you to say is, ‘thank you, Jesus!'”

West also spoke about King Nebuchadnezzar from the Bible, saying that he could relate closely to that biblical King. He said, “Nebuchadnezzar had much of Muhammad Ali, Kanye West’s type of character. A lot of ‘I’ energy. ‘I did this, it’s me, I’m the goat,’ all that kind of stuff.”

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The rapper told the congregants that he had been diagnosed with “bipolar disorder when you serving multiple gods. The god of ego, god of money god of pride, the god of fame. I’m an artist, I’m a creative, I’m a chef and I can only cook for one single God. I can only serve God. When I was trying to serve multiple gods it drove me crazy. That’s like the greatest chef in the world trying to make a seven-course meal and serve it at eight different houses.”

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