1 O Jesus, joy of loving hearts,
the fount of life, the light of all,
from fullest bliss that earth imparts
we turn unfilled to hear your call.

2 Your truth unchanged has ever stood;
you save all those who on you call.
To those who seek you, you are good;
to those who find you, all in all.

3 We taste you, ever-living Bread,
and long to feast upon you still;
we drink of you, the fountain-head,
our thirst to quench, our souls to fill.

4 Our restless spirits yearn for you
where’er our changeful lot is cast;
glad when you smile on us anew,
blest that our faith can hold you fast.

5 O Jesus, ever with us stay;
make all our moments calm and bright!
Chase the dark night of sin away;
shed o’er the world your holy light!

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