Iraqi Christian Survives Being Burnt By ISIS 3 Times

  • They stoned me with big blocks
  • They drenched me in 20 gallons of gasoline
  • They set me on fire 3 times
Iraqi Christian Survives Being Burned Alive By ISIS
Iraqi Christian Survives Being Burned Alive By ISIS

This is one of many incredible stories of God delivering His people from evil. Sometime ago, it was a group of lion protecting Christians by attacking ISIS militants who tried to kill them. Among many of such stories is the one you are about to read, of an Iraqi Christian who miraculously survived being burned alive by ISIS three different times.

An Iraqi Christian who said Jesus appeared to him twice in his dreams has recounted being imprisoned by ISIS, tortured and burned three times by the terrorist group.

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The man, a Yazidi, recounts his harrowing story in a documentary by Sean Feucht and Bethel Music.

“The Yazidis… were really targeted by ISIS for genocide…they were raped, they were beaten, they were executed,” Feucht told Fox News. “ISIS didn’t even want to imprison them, they just wanted to kill them, wipe them off the map.”

Feucht interviewed the man, who was not named, through his non-profit, Light A Candle Project, which goes into all parts of the world but primarily Iraq, where the Islamic State was at the height of its brutality, to help people who’ve experienced some of the world’s worst suffering.

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The Yazidi man says he was burned alive three times by ISIS after they found out he was a follower of Christ. He said his body “didn’t burn” a single time when he was imprisoned and tortured by the radical Islamic terrorists for two months.

“He spoke to me,” the man shared, referencing Jesus in his dreams.

The man said he was stoned and ISIS members drenched him in 20 gallons of gasoline. But even though he was burned alive, he said he inexplicably survived unharmed. He credited Jesus for surviving.

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“And they burned me, but I didn’t burn,” he said.

Watch The Man Speak Of His Experience In Video Below;

The Iraqi Christian’s story is one account from the upcoming documentary film “Hearts and Hands: Iraq” that is expected to be released later this year. A preview was shown at the “Heaven Come” conference in Los Angeles.

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Feucht said it shows what persecuted Christians go through overseas.

His group recently raised over $100,000 to distribute food, blankets, mattresses, and other materials, as well as offering trauma therapy counseling and kids programs, teaching music, and praying with persecuted Christians in the region where Christianity once flourished but is now near extinction, according to faith leaders.

“I feel like we’re really called to the most persecuted, closed, dark, marginalized places,” he said. Over the past 15 years, the Bethel Music worship leader has gone into North Korea, India, Afghanistan…”some of the topmost closed countries and places where it’s illegal to be a Christian,” he said. But they said they’ve seen and heard stories of incredible miracles.

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Feucht said he is encouraged by the growth of the church in Iraq, China, and India, places where it is most persecuted.

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