‘God Saved Me’: Kentucky Teen Starts Prayer Wall At School To ‘Help Spread God’s Word’


Students in Whitley County are trying to make a difference through sticky notes.

After struggling with her own mental health, Sophy Jones, a Kentucky teenager, decided to start a prayer wall in her high school. The walls, she said, were created to “help spread God’s Word” to those who need encouragement.

“Our school, along with the middle school, has struggled with suicide, and, a lot of people struggle with their mental health,” Jones told WKYT-TV.

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Jones is a student at Whitley County High.

Many of the Bible verses scrawled on sticky notes lining the Jones’ bathroom walls are passages that made a huge difference in her own life.

“God saved me,” the faith-filled student told the local news outlet.

“People can just write down a Bible verse or, like, ‘Jesus loves you,’ for example, and you can either take it with you if you want to keep it as a note; you can repost other ones,” she said of her vision for the prayer wall. “They could take that verse and say they want to read it, or we do have Chromebooks at school, so they can Google the verse.”

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One of Jones’ friends and classmates, Evelyn Philpot, helped start the prayer walls.

“The other day, I had seen a young female student who had one of the yellow sticky notes with a Bible verse on it that we had wrote, and it just really like made my day to know that this is something that people are loving and it’s actually helping them,” said Evelyn Philpot.

“These verses spoke to me, and I feel like they could speak to others,” said Philpot.

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