Imprisoned Mongolian Christian In ‘Critical Condition’ After Severe Torture, Forced To Drink Toilet Water


A 28-year-old Mongolian Christian imprisoned on trumped-up charges is in critical condition after facing severe persecution in a high-security prison in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.

According to ChinaAid, a U.S.-based persecution watchdog, Alamus, also known as Alamusha, who was a student at the Shanghai Theater Academy, attended a classmate reunion in his hometown Xilingol League of Inner Mongolia, during a winter break in 2013, when an altercation broke out at the event. Although Alamusha did not participate in the fight, he was charged as the main offender and sentenced to 15 years for intentional injury.

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Alamusha’s plight became known to the public after his aunt released a video, which started circulating on Chinese social media. In the video, Alamusha’s aunty said he has been tortured in solitary confinement for nearly two months, with his life in imminent danger, because he refused to plead guilty to the “crimes” he was accused of.

She also stated that Alamus was beaten by police officer Nie Yonggang and a gang member, which resulted in a perforated eardrum. However, following his complaint to the prison authorities, Alamusha was reportedly placed in solitary confinement, shackled, and deprived of adequate food and warmth, leading to severe frostbite, according to The Christian Post.

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A report from Bitter Winter notes that Alamusha was forced to drink water from the urinal to survive, and was fed only one steamed bun to eat, and a small glass of water to drink every day.

Despite filing numerous complaints, Alamusha’s pleas have gone unanswered, and his family’s insistence on justice has reportedly led to further retaliation and torture.

“We are the most helpless herders, you all can’t bully people like this. A pitiful child cannot be like this, right?,” Alamusha’s aunt said in the video. “You all can’t torture the child to death, we request the Communist government to take this matter seriously.”

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Du Wen, a former inmate and former deputy director of the Legal Counsel Office of Inner Mongolia. Du described the torture as far beyond what was mentioned in the video. He portrayed Alamusha as an honest, courageous and spiritually resilient individual who embraced Christianity while in prison.

Mongolia is a country located between China and Russia, with Christianity as a minority religion, making up just 1.94% of the population, according to 2020 census data.

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