Declaring Life When Death Shouts Loudest: How God Miraculously Healed Nikita’s Brain Injury

God Heals Nikita of Brain Injury
God Heals Nikita of Brain Injury

“I was looking at him and I was like, how am I going to tell my daughter that he’s gone? And that’s when I just start praying,” says Olga Vedernikov. May 19th 2022. Standing in her driveway Olga heard a loud crash just moments after her son-in-law, Nikita, left her home. She ran to the scene, overwhelmed by what she saw. “I remember, I have this voice inside of me saying, ‘Nikita is no longer with us.'” She says, “I kind of took him by his neck and I start looking for a pulse and I couldn’t find anything. I knew that there was no pulse, there was no life.”

Olga called her church prayer chain and then 911. Time ticked by with no signs of life. She says, “I just start praying, ‘I speak life, I speak life, life, come back to Nikita because I know God can do miracles. It’s nothing impossible for the Lord.’”

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Then, after several minutes – the miraculous. She says, “He brought him back. He started breathing and I start yelling, ‘He’s breathing, he’s breathing.’ And they said, ‘okay, don’t touch him. Don’t touch him. The help is on its way.’”

EMS soon began cutting Nikita from the wreckage. He suffered a host of life-threatening injuries including a fractured C1 vertebrae, collapsed lung, torn spleen and traumatic brain injury. He was taken to a hospital for emergency surgery. After several hours, his wife, Elona, who was near full term with their second child, remembers seeing him in the ICU. “It was really hard. I began bawling my eyes out and I came and I just held his hand. And at that moment, he did look very lifeless. There was, it felt like there was not much life left. He had breathing tubes and so many wires were connected to him.”

Prayers were offered up around the world. Family in Russia, Ukraine, and across the U.S. were praying for Nikita’s survival and healing. “We knew that we had to lean in to Him. He was the only one that could carry us through it all. Honestly, all we could do is pray and believe that God was going to do His work in this, that He was going to bring a miracle to our lives,” says Elona.

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Elona spent the first night wrestling with her thoughts and struggling to believe that God would heal her husband. “Your husband is not going to live. You’re not going to see him tomorrow when you wake up.” She recalls, “’You’re going to have to plan his funeral.’ And all these thoughts kept flooding my mind. And then I just hear the Lord’s voice saying, ‘Your husband will not die. Do not fear. Do not fear.’ And I knew that right then and there that God’s spirit was much stronger than the enemy’s voice.”

Due to the extent of Nikita’s brain injury doctors said he would require more than six months in low light conditions and extensive time in rehab. However, over the next few days, Nikita began showing signs of recovery that went beyond anyone’s expectations. Elona says, “They’re like, ‘We don’t know how, but the swelling in his left frontal lobe actually went down.’ They were all just amazed to see how well Nikita was doing and how he was even responding already on day three. After, that really began the journey of faith and believing God for the more believing God that He was going to completely restore my husband and fully heal him.”

Just under two weeks after the accident Elona gave birth to their second child. Nikita’s healing progressed so well that he was wheeled down to the delivery room to welcome his newborn son into the world. Elona says, “The nurse said, ‘Do you want to hold Ezra?’ And he nodded yes. And he just kept smiling the whole time. And he he just kept saying, ‘Ezra, Ezra, Ezra, Ezra, Ezra.’ And the whole time, he just kept repeating his name.”

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Miraculously, just two weeks after the accident Nikita was discharged from the hospital and spent only one week in rehab before returning home – thankful. Nikita says, “Recovery is…it’s a gift from the Lord, if you can recover. My spine was cracked and I didn’t get paralyzed. You know, I had a deflated lung and I’m still breathing. I had a torn spleen, and they didn’t have to cut my spleen out. And so I’m thankful that He allowed me to live. I’m thankful that I can see my kids. I can hold my newborn. It’s a, it’s a…it’s a testimony.”

“Just to see how our prayers came to life and God did this for us. It was, it was the biggest blessing we could ever have walked through,” says Elona, “And that just gave us so much hope that He’s our peace, He’s our comforter, He’s our joy, and He’s the only one that will get us through this.”

“God can say, you know, that’s my kid and that’s what I did for him. And this is, this is…this is how great I AM because I can, you know, I can raise the dead, I can bring him back to life,” says Nikita.

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Adding miracle upon miracle, shortly after the car crash that nearly took his life, Nikita began long distance running. In November of 2023, just a year and a half after the accident, he completed his first marathon. An expression of praise and thanks to God – who gave him back his life and health. Nikita says, “I owe it to Him, everything I have, I owe to Him. I wasn’t walking and now I’m running a marathon. Tell me something, that I mean, that’s it’s unreal. Unreal.”

Elona says, “Come what may my faith will stand because it’s in Jesus. And I saw how the Lord took us from the darkest season of our lives every single day. He didn’t leave us, He was near to us in our weakest moment. He was still there you know, even in the darkest season of our lives. God was still faithful, He was still merciful to us.”

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