‘Superman’ Actor Dean Cain Flees Hollywood, Says ‘There Are Lots Of Debauchery’ There

Superman Dean Cain
Superman Dean Cain

Actor Dean Cain, who became popular for playing Superman in the 1990s, said he fled Hollywood earlier this year after he and his son decided there was nothing keeping them in California.

“I have my opinions,” Cain recently told CBN Digital. “You see a lot of debauchery in Hollywood. I’ve been debaucherous myself; I’ve done things that I’m not proud of. I’ve asked forgiveness for those things and I’ve mended my ways. There’s just so many things about being there.”

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While acknowledging it is still possible to live a “godly” life in Hollywood — pointing to Marvel Cinematic Universe star Chris Pratt — Cain said it’s much easier to live a faith-based life outside the progressive city.

“You don’t find a whole lot of [Christian faith], certainly not openly, in Hollywood,” the 57-year-old actor said. “That’s why I make all of the faith-based films that I make, because I want those messages out there. … I think those movies are really important.”

In recent years, Cain has starred in movies like “God’s Not Dead” and “No Vacancy,” stating that he is focused on making movies that will “stick with” those who watch them, Faithwire reports.

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“They may affect someone’s life and they may speak to an experience somebody understands,” he said, “And, if that happens, I’ve done the right thing by making that film.”

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