Jeremiah Pam Gyang, known with the stage name (Jeremiah Gyang), A native of Jos, Plateau State in Northern Nigeria, Jeremiah became conversant with the Piano and Guitar before reaching the age of ten. His father, late Rev. Luke Dung Gyang was a revered and well known musician in Jos in the 1970’s and ‘80’s whose musical influence on his son can be likened to the influence of Fela Kuti on Femi Kuti. Like most music greats, Jeremiah’s journey began in the house of God where he led the choir as music director.

The ability to transform everyday experiences and emotions into song and dance is the key ingredient which a true artiste uses to win the hearts and minds of listeners the world over. This ability to express you and I’s joys, fears, triumphs and failures in beautiful prose and harmonious melody is embedded in this multi talented singer and instrumentalist:

Career and Early releases

Often credited as being responsible for bringing contemporary Hausa music to the mainstream with hits like 2004’s rare gem: ‘Na Ba Ka’ ( I give you) which featured Six Foot Plus and skyrocketed him to national consciousness, then 2006’s ‘Kauna Allah’ (God’s Love) which features Rapper, M.I on the first version and 2009’s ‘In Love With You’ which, though sung in English, is laced by Hausa influenced instrumentals.
Jeremiah’s music has been described as a fine blend of soulful African rhythms, blues, rock and gospel. His ability to pen songs like ‘African Child’ where he describes the effects of the horrors of war on the African child, sung perfectly with intense lyrics to the soulful sounds produced by the gentle plucking of his Guitar’s strings marks Jeremiah as a songwriter of extraordinary talent.

A spectacular Live Performer, Jeremiah had regular live performances at the prestigious Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Abuja for a few years where he was a constant delight to visiting foreigners and Nigerians alike. Jeremiah has performed at many concerts around the country.
As a Music Producer, Jeremiah Gyang produced his first piece of music at the age of eleven in his dad’s music studio. In later years, he worked for a while at Quest Media Studios in Abuja, where he produced songs for artistes like Age Beeka, O.D: Over Dose, Asa,Terry da Rapman and Bouqui, M.I abaga. He also produces TV and Radio jingles.

Awards and Recognition
Multiple awards, nominations and honours have come the way of this artiste since his début album, such as Best Artiste in the FCT – Cool FM (2005), Man of the moment – True Love magazine (December, 2005), Album of the Year – Hip Hop World Awards and Song of the Year – Hip Hop World Awards.
Recently orphaned with the death of his mother, the double tragedy of losing both parents at a young age has affected Jeremiah more than any musical accomplishment or failure ever could. But he has drawn strength from this and will only continue to make great music.

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