Biden’s Chief Of Staff Pick Calls Himself A ‘Soldier’ In The Abortion ‘Army’

Joe Biden’s chief of staff pick Ron Klain called himself a ‘soldier’ in NARAL's abortion 'army'
Joe Biden’s chief of staff pick Ron Klain called himself a ‘soldier’ in NARAL’s abortion ‘army’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has chosen an outspoken pro-abortion activist to serve as his White House chief of staff should he end up assuming the presidency in 2021 as many media outlets have projected.

Last week, the 77-year-old Biden announced that he would tap Ron Klain, who had previously worked as chief of staff to Al Gore and Biden during their respective vice presidencies, to serve as his chief of staff.

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Over the years, Klain has repeatedly heaped praise on the pro-abortion movement and questioned the legitimacy of both the 2000 and 2016 presidential elections.

In a series of tweets he sent out in 2018 and 2019, Klain voiced his admiration for pro-abortion activists and organizations.

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In June 2018, shortly after Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, Klain took to Twitter to ask people to follow “our great leaders.” One of the “great leaders” cited by Klain is Ilyse Hogue, the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, a prominent pro-choice advocacy organization.

Nearly a year later, Hogue made her respect for Klain clear in a tweet thanking the political operative for “always being such a vocal leader in these issues,” referring to his support for the pro-choice movement.

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Klain responded by declaring himself “a soldier in your army.” Hogue’s tweet of appreciation came in response to a Washington Post op-ed Klain wrote in August 2018 during the nomination process for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, proclaiming that “Reversing Roe v. Wade will be just the beginning.”

Later in 2019, Klain tweeted out a picture of himself standing alongside Hogue and other pro-choice activists as they celebrated the 50th anniversary of NARAL, previously known as the National Abortion Rights Action League.

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He described his opportunity to “discuss the need to protect reproductive freedom through the courts and judicial nominations” with Hogue and NARAL as “an honor.”

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