It is written in the Bible
How the Savior died in love,
That each lost and guilty sinner
May be saved and crowned above.

Oh, that blessed day is coming!
We’ll receive a crown of life
In the joyful day awaiting.
Will you have a crown of life?

Do you hear the invitation,
Oh, how wonderful the grace;
Heaven offers full redemption,
And a crown of perfect peace.

Tell me not of worldly honor,
Earthly garlands soon decay;
I would gain celestial splendor,
And a crown of endless day.

Were ten thousand worlds around me
All so easy to obtain;
They were naught beside the glory
Of that crown which I shall gain.

Oh, we’ll see our dear Redeemer,
When the heavens shall unfold;
On each happy overcomer
Place a crown of purest gold.

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