We are going home to heaven’s golden city,
We have tasted of its precious fruit of love;
And, dear sinner, if you’d be forever happy,
Journey with us to that blissful world above.

Will you go to that city?
Jesus will receive you there; will you go?
Will you go with us, oh, will you go to heaven?
Will you journey to that happy home above?

Come, dear people, get salvation and be ready,
Not a moment longer should your soul delay;
God is calling, oh, His wondrous love and mercy
Will receive you in that home of endless day.

We are going through to glory by the Bible,
See the way-marks, ‘Be ye holy through the blood’;
In the name of Jesus will you meekly travel
With the pilgrims to that beautiful abode?

Choose this day if you will go to that fair city-
Will you share a blest eternity of love?
Jesus calls you, all the ransomed wait to greet you,
And the angels sing to welcome you above.

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