Rejoice, little ones, in the promise divine,
The Savior has willed that His glory be thine;
Then walk in white raiment with Him here below,
The sheep of His fold must be whiter than snow.

Whiter than snow,
Whiter than snow;
Whiter than snow,
Whiter than snow.

Look upward to Jesus, He’s mighty to save;
His love like the ocean, oh, sink in its wave;
Here wash in the blood of the Crucified One,
And shout His salvation in heaven begun.

Adieu to this world, if you’d follow the Lord,
For none but the pure are received by His word;
Unspotted from sin and made perfect in love,
As pure in this world as in heaven above.

We go not to heaven, salvation to know,
But Jesus came down to make whiter than snow;
He’ll wait no death’s coming assistance to lend,
But save you just now, and to worlds without end.

Oh, do not dishonor the name of our King
To think that you cannot be free from all sin;
He died to redeem you, His promise is sure,
He’ll wash you and keep you eternally pure.

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