What shall be our word for Jesus?
Master, give it day by day;
Ever as the need arises,
Teach Thy children what to say.
Give us holy love and patience;
Grant us deep humility,
That of self we may be emptied,
And our hearts be full of Thee.

Give us zeal and faith and fervor,
Make us winning, make us wise,
Single-hearted, strong and fearless,
Thou hast called us, we will rise!
Let the might of Thy good Spirit
Go with every loving word;
And by hearts prepared and opened
Be our message always heard.

Help us lovingly to labor,
Looking for Thy present smile,
Looking for Thy promised blessing,
Through the bright’ning ‘little while.’
Words for Thee in weakness spoken,
Thou wilt here accept and own,
And confess them in Thy glory,
When we see Thee on Thy throne.

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