Sweet vale of Eden, soul-rest forever,
Gladly we come unto thee;
Here crystal waters roll in their splendor,
Thirsty no longer are we.
Here stands the tree of life ever blooming,
Here walks the Lord in the cool of the day;
Gently He speaks, we wait for His coming;
Musing in silence, His love we survey.

Fresh was this morn and blooming the flowers,
Naught could their fragrance excel;
Painting the dew-drops over the bowers,
Bright were the sunbeams that fell.
Soft was the breeze, and minor its music,
Murmuring low in the boughs of the trees,
Touching the heart with glad inspiration,
Ling’ring, its melody dies on the leas.

Thus is the soul redeemed by the Savior,
Blooming as Eden so fair;
Clad in the robes of heavenly beauty,
Rich is the fruitage we bear.
Here shines the sun resplendent in glory,
Night never covers thy bright glowing skies;
Theme most delightful in ancient story,
Fair vale of Eden, thou blest paradise.

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