Author: L. J. Williams

Oh, let me grow from day to day
More perfect, Lord, and strong alway;
And may my faith be ever strong,
That I may praise Thee in my song.

Oh, hold me fast, and give my voice
A song of Thee, my heart’s first choice;
Oh, hold me fast, and take my hand,
And guide me to the promised land.

Oh, teach my lips new songs to sing
Of Thee, my Lord, my Savior King;
And I will give my happy days
In gratitude and love and praise.

’Tis joy to serve Thee every hour,
To feel Thy pow’r, Thy wondrous pow’r;
My heart is light because to me
Thou gavest love so full and free.

I’ll sing to Thee as on I go,
As Thou shalt lead me here below;
And when upon Thy face I gaze
In heav’nly strains my voice I’ll raise.

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