Author: Albert Benjamin Simpson

This is my wonderful story,
Christ to my heart has come;
Jesus, the King of Glory,
Finds in my heart a home.

Christ in me, Christ in you,
Christ in us, O wonderful story,
Christ in me, Christ in you,
Christ in us, the hope of glory.

Was there e’er story so moving,
Story of love and pain;
Was there e’er Bridegroom so loving,
Seeking our hearts to gain.

I am so glad I received Him,
Jesus my heart’s dear King;
I who so often have grieved Him,
All to His feet would bring.

How can I ever be lonely,
How can I ever fall;
What can I want, if only
Christ is my all in all?

Now in His bosom confiding,
This my glad song shall be;
I am in Christ abiding,
And Christ abides in me.


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