The Palace Of Light – Hymn


Author: Victor Hatfield, . Music: Susie Hatfield.

When I’ve whispered farewell and forgotten my care,
When I’ve sung my last carol and breathed my last prayer,
I’ll be met by my Savior awaiting me there,
In my home in the Palace of Light.

Mansions of glory, home over there!
Region celestial, radiant and fair!
No pain or sorrow, no gloom or night;
Beautiful homeland, Palace of Light.

When the battle is over, the victory won,
When the trials are ended, the journey is done,
I shall look on a splendor more bright than the sun,
In my home in the Palace of Light.

I shall sing a glad song when my eyes shall behold
The city of jasper with portals of gold;
Oh, the joy I shall know, when the glories unfold,
In my home in the Palace of Light.


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