Teenage Girl Denied £500,000 Inheritance In UAE After Sharia Court Heard She Is A Christian


Dubai has stripped a British teenager of £500,000 inheritance from her late father after a Sharia court was told she is a Christian.

A British schoolgirl has lost out on a £500,000 inheritance from her father after a Sharia court in Dubai was told she was a Christian, MailOnline reports.

It is the latest episode in a vicious spat that saw her mother being held for four weeks in the Arab kingdom last month for branding her love rival a ‘horse’ on Facebook.

The 14 year old Paris Shahravesh was in line to inherit money left by her banker father, Pedro Dos Santos, who died of a heart attack in March.

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But his second wife, Samah Al Hammadi – who had alerted police when the teenager’s mother insulted her on social media – filed papers in the UAE claiming the inheritance.

The court was told that Paris was a Christian. According to the form of Sharia applied in Dubai, non-Muslims are unable to inherit the estate of a Muslim.

A UAE court then authorised Mr Santos’ former employer, HSBC, to award his £500,000 funds to Mrs Al Hammadi.

Paris Shahravesh with her mother, Laleh Shahravesh
Paris Shahravesh with her mother, Laleh Shahravesh

‘She made every effort to isolate Pedro from our daughter during his life and now she is trying to exclude her after his death,’ Paris’ mother, Laleh Shahravesh, 55, said. ‘It is beyond sad.’

But Mrs Al Hammadi, 42, who runs an archery school, hit back, saying: ‘I put all my documents and Pedro’s documents to the court and I mentioned to them that he has a daughter and sisters.

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‘But the judge informed me that there is no heritage, only from Muslim to Muslim. I am Muslim, Pedro was a Muslim but Paris is Christian. This is not my decision. It’s the court’s decision, according to UAE law.’

Mrs Shahravesh has now begun legal proceedings to overturn the court ruling and claim what she believes rightfully belongs to her daughter.

Mrs Shahravesh, left, during her marriage to Mr Santos, right, and Paris, centre
Mrs Shahravesh, left, during her marriage to Mr Santos, right, and Paris, centre

‘Someone told them my daughter is Christian,’ she said. ‘I am a Muslim and my daughter is a British Muslim.

‘The Sharia court has made the ruling on the basis of her not being a Muslim. A judge would have made that decision if he was given the wrong information.’

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Mrs Shahravesh estimated her ex-husband’s estate to be worth close to £500,000.

The amount includes a bonus from the HSBC bank where he worked, his pension and death-in-service benefit which can be up to three times an annual salary.

Paris Shahravesh stepmother Mrs Al Hammadi
Paris Shahravesh stepmother Mrs Al Hammadi insists that the blame lies with UAE law and not with herself

Mr Santos was earning up to £120,000 a year tax-free before his death, she said.

This is the latest episode in a bitter row that blew up in April when Mrs Shahravesh was locked up on arrival in Dubai airport.

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