Poland Declares: “Jesus Christ Is Our King, Muslims Should Leave Us”


Poland has a new monarch. However, the new King does not come from just any other dynasty or family. He is Jesus Christ, the Son of God Himself.

Poland Enthrones Jesus As King Of Poland
Poland Enthrones Jesus As King Of Poland

Thousands of Polish citizens gathered in Warsaw on Saturday to attend an annual “Independence March” under the banner: “We Want God”.

The rally, which began at 3pm (14:00 GMT) local time, coincides with Poland’s independence day on November 11.

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According to the organisers, the event is the biggest “patriotic” gathering of its kind in Europe.

In a recent video from the march, a Polish lady can be heard asking Muslims to leave Poland because the Country belongs to Jesus and would not tolerate any sharia law.

“Anjem Choudary who became famous for demanding to introduce Sharia Law in Great Britain said, one day the Sharia Law will also be introduced in Poland…………………..”
“You Islamic Imam in our land, she continued, you will not introduce any of your Islamic rules. This is Poland, this is Our land……………….. Jesus Christ is our King, we are not interested in any European directives………….”

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“Cheers to Great Poland!” a man chanted from the stage to crowds waving white and red flags. “The world is changing. We are fighting a culture war.

“This war is not somewhere far away. It is in your home even though you may not realise it. It’s a war against God, against the homeland and honour, which they want to take away from us.”

Watch Video Below:

Poland Declares: “Jesus Christ Is Our King”

This is coming just few months after such declaration was made at the Church of Divine Mercy in Krakow and then repeated at churches across Poland.

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Recall that on November 19, 2016, in the presence of Polish President Andrzej Duda and other top officials from both church and state, Jesus Christ was officially recognized as the King of Poland in a Catholic ceremony. Declared to be Poland’s Lord and Savior, the Messiah was asked to rule over the Polish nation, its people, and its government.

The ceremony was held at the Church of Divine Mercy in Krakow and then repeated at churches across Poland, marking the 1050th anniversary of the nation’s Christianity. The congregation also renounced the devil and all his evil works.

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This is not the first time a ruler of Poland was given to a divine figure. Over 350 years ago, King Casimir had declared Mary to be the honorary Queen of Poland.

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    • I couldn’t hold back the tears as I watched that video, may the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless these Christians and keep them strong. No surprise here that our controlled media never responded to this, however had this been Muslims talking about their moon god, their American media anti-Christ allies would be putting their best spin on it.

      • Amen @Harper Farmer! I agree with you! Praise God! Jesus is indeed Lord!

        Out of curiosity, are you a Harper from Jamaica!? I ask because I am, and my family were and are farmers.

    • God performed a miracle through Charles Martel the Hammer at the Battle of Tours around 730 AD against a Muslim horde that outnumbered his men, had the “Hammer” been defeated Europe would be under Sharia Law today, no doubt a totally different country we call America today. Today in Europe the fools in government are giving their to the Muslims without a fight, this is slowly happening in America and Canada, in both these countries non-Muslim families are having 2 children per family, while Muslims are having 8 children per family, in many parts of Europe it’s 1 to 0 children per non-Muslim families while Muslim families are having 32 children where Muslim men have multiple wives, just do the math I expect Jesus’ return before this can be a detriment to Christians.

      • Amen and Amen! Yes tht’s so true, so now we as Christians ought to stand up and spread our Faith in JESUS CHRIST ALL OVER THE WORLD ON SOCIAL MEDIA, so all can start realizing how Powerful and Sovereign OUR GOD IS.

      • Amen! Yes we as Christians Will see the Good of the land, because The Power of Our God is Greater than that of man,so we ought to pray for all Presidents and Politicians eyes, ears, hearts and spirits to be opened to receive Our Lord Jesus Christ to be Their Lord and Savior, and become Prayerful countries, serving only GOD’S Commands and Laws and stand up agenst any ungodly anti-christ religions who try to infiltrate their ways into Christian countries, because their Sly Sneakiness is to plot and plan taking over Christian countries and make it all Muslim. Pray for All Christians eyes to be opened in JESUS’ Mighty name, Amen🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌

  1. so it was from the beginning, our apostolic fathers suffered thesamething we should prepare our heart more is yet to come but GoD will see his own through, just look at the future and continue strong ,GoD bless you all .

  2. Glory be to God Almighty for proving Himself in Poland.He neither leave us nor forsake us but do what He said He will do that His name be glorified.The gate of hell shall not prevail’ the Church of Jesus’ is marching on and will continue to march on in Jesus’ name.Amen’ Hallelujah !!!

  3. I am overwhelmed with joy for this good and new development in Poland. Jesus must be honoured in our lives forever. Muslims and their religion is the problem that we have in this world. Only Jesus saves

  4. According to their history, there are enough reasons to ban the Christian churches and their misanthropic agenda as a whole for what they are: institutions of the organized crime…


  5. This is the best news I have ever heard for a very long time now that a country is declared that we belong to Jesus Christ. God keep on fighting for Poland and blessing her citizens in Jesus name.

  6. It is beautiful to see this again, after Medieval European Christian parade, which had a lapse in time caused by Protestant Deformers, the Freemasons, the revolutionists the Marxists. Viva Cristos. Amen.😎

  7. Islam is a Fascist, highly political ideology, whose adherents are determined to put the whole world under their domination, of course what these poor deluded fools want is an entirely different matter of what they want and what they’ll get.

  8. You see, your media too knew everything the christians do is just a child joke, you are limiting both jesus and his mother! Put every thing about Jesus on the table (from his Birth to his death) with the highest intellect and see, who is wrong about him?

    • You are the wisest fool I have ever seen, instead of getting or utilising the opportunity to Serve God in a genuine way.

  9. Comment: This is amazing! Thank You JESUS!! You alone reign in Poland and the rest of the world. You are the God of all flesh. Christians lets rise and defend the name of our God. God bless Poland

  10. Amazing! Thank You JESUS!! Christians all over the world should rise up and defend the name of God, Lets reap the earth for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords His name is JESUS!! God bless Poland

  11. The Jesus Christ which you saw his picture at the hand of those Porland pagans but christian in desguise is FAKE Jesus Christ ooo! .
    The true LORD GOD ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH,who happens to be the creator of the whole world has no particular face;
    The book of Deut.4:15-19 told us plainly not to bow ourselves before any figure of a man,in the name that we are bowing to JESUS or see any beast (sheep) and bow to it in the name of the Lamb of God or draw any dove /pigin and begin to call it Holy Ghost. Again Deut.27:15 Cursed any one that will draw , carve ,mould or take pictures of man,beast or birds and place it before to worship.that particular verse of the bible says that it is abomination before GOD to bow before any image.
    If you want to hear from Apostle Paul ,The Apostle of the gentiles; let us go to the book of ACTS OF APOSTLES 17:22-30.
    Point to be taking is in verse 29 which says;that as much as we call ourselves Christians ,we ought not to think that GODhead(JESUS CHRIST)is like that thing they carved ,moulded or drew and painted it with gold or silver colour.
    This is a warning to as many that want to serve the living GOD. Jer.10:10 says that the LORD is the true God, and Jesus is that LORD(John13:13).
    Know you today, that JESUS CHRIST is your one and only true GOD and that there is no bigger GOD elsewhere.
    for you to save your soul: you just have now to look for that church that will baptize you in the mame of JESUS CHRIST not in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy spirit as they baptized you before.
    If you want to check it in the bible; Go to these books:
    acts 2:37-41
    acts 19:1-5
    acts 8:14-16
    acts 10:48
    luke 24:46-47.
    Have this at the back of your mind ,that no man who did not baptize in the name Jesus Christ will receive the spirit of Jesus which is called the Holy Spirit.
    To be fore warned is to be fore armed
    GOD bless you immensely for taking your time to read this and may he give you an understanding heart to understand his scriptures.

    • Heretic, why do you countermand the commandment of Jesus Christ, to baptize in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19)? How can anyone be baptized into Christ’s death except in the manner He decreed?

  12. One day all muslims will know that the God of the christians i the God they that they hould have been worshipping ever since.

    • May GOD bless every christian in that Land in the Mighty Name of OUR King
      JESUS CHRIST 🙏🙏🙏 God bless Poland
      My name is Zechariah Dennis from Nigeria

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