Songs of victory bringing
Unto the Lord most high;
Victory, victory singing,
Let all the saints draw nigh;
For there can be no failure
While Jesus leads the van;
And victory! victory! victory!
Is heard on every hand.

Vict’ry shall be the chorus,
Vict’ry our watchword and song;
Jesus is marching before us,
Leading His army along.

Songs of victory ever
Shall be our hearts delight;
Sing of defeat no never,
Sing vict’ry with all our might;
We’ll raise our voices higher
Upon the battlefield;
Our victory draweth nigher,
When Christ shall be revealed.

Songs of victory sounding,
Go forth to all the world;
From shore to shore resounding,
With gospel truths unfurled;
Go singing of the Savior,
Send forth an earnest call;
O sinner, seek His favor,
‘Tis offered unto all.

Songs of victory blending
With all the heav’nly throng;
A chorus that has no ending,
It is the victor’s song;
We’ll sing and shout forever,
Glad songs of victory;
We’ll sing of Christ our Savior,
Through all eternity.

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