Author: Elliott

Someday, when God’s sweet Spirit,
So loving and so true,
Has taken flight forever,
And calls no more for you,
You’ll see your sin and folly,
And moan in your despair,
But heaven ne’er will open,
Nor answer give your prayer.

Someday, when death shall call you
And claim you for its own-
Behind you all is darkness,
Ahead ’tis drear and lone-
If you’ve refused His mercy,
No hopes of heav’n await;
Your soul through endless ages
Shall mourn your doom, ‘Too late.’

Someday, when God’s fierce anger
Falls on this world of sin,
You’ll knock as did the virgins,
But cannot enter in;
Ah, then, with bitter weeping,
From those fair gates of light
You’ll go with other doomed ones,
Down to an awful night.

Someday-yes, when forever
The mercy door is closed,
And your lost soul must suffer
Amid eternal woes-
In bitter grief and anguish
You’ll think upon the day,
When trifling with God’s mercy,
You, careless, said, ‘Someday.’

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