O precious Savior, how we do love Thee,
Thou hast washed away our load of guilt and sin;
Born of the Spirit, fully saved and free,
Our joyful hearts shall never cease to sing.

Oh, hallelujah to the Lamb!
Ye happy saints to Jesus sing;
Tell every nation Jesus saves,
And glorify the name of Heaven’s King.

Sorrow’s departed, joy we’re receiving,
For the Lord has swept the shades of night away;
How wonderful this holy joy and peace;
Oh, it is glory, everlasting day!

Joyful in glory, oh, hallelujah!
We will sing to Jesus everlasting praise;
Shout, shout the vict’ry-Christ hath made us free,
And keeps us holy all our pilgrim days.

Let joyful music cheer all our journey,
Make the gloomy desert blossom as the rose;
Sing of redemption, shout the jubilee,
And drive away the gloom of mortal woes.

O ye redeemed ones, sound out the tidings
That the blessed Jesus died to save us all;
To every sinner tell the wondrous news,
Sing of salvation, sing the gospel call.

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