Author: G. M. Taylor

Seek ye first, not earthly pleasure,
Fading joy and failing treasure,
But the love that knows no measure
Seek ye first.

Seek ye first, not earth’s aspirings,
Ceaseless longings, vain desirings,
But your precious soul’s requirings
Seek ye first.

Seek ye first God’s peace and blessing;
Ye have all if this possessing;
Come, your need and sin confessing,
Seek Him first.

Seek Him first, then when forgiven,
Pardoned, with the peace of heaven,
Let your life to Him be given:
Seek this first.

Seek this first—Be pure and holy;
Like the Master, meek and lowly;
Yielded to His service wholly:
Seek this first.

Seek the coming of His kingdom;
Seek the souls around to win them,
Seek to Jesus Christ to bring them:
Seek this first.

Seek this first, His promise trying;
It is sure, all need supplying.
Heavenly things, on Him relying,
Seek ye first.

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