Author: Daniel S. Warner

Why should a doubt or fear arise,
As this poor little all of mine
I lay a living sacrifice,
All on the altar, Christ divine?

I’m fully Thine, yes, wholly Thine,
All on the altar, Christ divine;
The word of Jesus I believe,
The Sanctifier I receive;
All on the altar I abide,
And Jesus says I’m sanctified.

Ah, not a moment more I’ll doubt,
And not a moment longer wait;
He shed His blood to sanctify,
He suffered death without the gate.

By faith I venture on His Word,
My doubts are o’er, the vict’ry won;
He said the altar sanctifies,
I just believe Him, and ’tis done.

Through all my soul I feel His pow’r,
And in the precious, cleansing wave
I wash my garments white this hour,
And prove His utmost pow’r to save.

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