Author: Daniel S. Warner

Hallelujah to Jesus! salvation is flowing,
Oh, wonderful showers of grace!
Poor sinners are melting and penitents bowing,
And, trusting in Jesus, they feel His embrace.

Oh, glory to Jesus!
Salvation we see;
There is music in heaven
O’er sinners made free.

As the voice of Jehovah the gospel is sounding,
A final and awful appeal;
And sinners, awakened, for mercy are calling,
And, looking to Jesus, His pardon they feel.

Oh! the music of triumph in heaven is ringing,
All glory to Jesus below!
Believers are pressing right onward to Canaan,
Made perfect forever, and whiter than snow.

Oh, how joyful and happy the shouts of the ransomed!
How grateful we join in their song:
All glory and honor forever to Jesus!
Salvation in power is moving along.

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