‘Religious Leaders’ Sign Declaration Denouncing ‘Religious Nationalism’

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A group of Christian clergy, theologians, and scholars who participated in the inaugural conference of the Yale Divinity School’s Center for Public Theology & Policy this week signed a declaration denouncing so-called “religious nationalism.”

In a document titled “New Haven Declaration of Moral & Spiritual Issues in the 2024 Presidential Election,” the group of self-described “religious leaders” also pledged to devote themselves to promulgating progressive causes, and warned that “traditional values” are being politically weaponized.

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Signatories led by Bishop William J. Barber II, a progressive activist who founded the Yale Center for Public Theology and Public Policy, claimed there is “a well-funded, coordinated political movement has co-opted our faith tradition and is exploiting so-called ‘traditional values’ to undermine democracy and divide people across this land.”

Barber, who co-chairs the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for a Moral Revival and held a private meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris in February, featured prominently in the recent documentary “God & Country.” The film produced by Rob Reiner suggested there is an encroaching “Christian nationalism” that finds its most egregious embodiment in former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

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Without naming specific individuals or organizations, the New Haven Declaration suggests those who adhere to such religious nationalism are motivated solely by political power and blinded to the important moral issues that the document goes on to list.

“This distorted religious nationalism has persuaded many well-meaning Christians to focus on a narrow set of divisive cultural wedge issues while ignoring the real moral issues that are at the heart of our Scriptures and tradition,” the declaration read, The Christian Post reports.

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