“I’ve Been Born Again”: Hollywood Actor Declares, Now On A Mission To Share His Faith

Actor Brett Varvel
Actor Brett Varvel

Hollywood Actor Brett Varvel has said he is on a mission to spread the Christian faith and hope through Hollywood.

The “County Rescue” star recently joined CBN News to discuss his role as Andy, an EMT in the new Great American Family series.

The show weaves together faith and drama to create a compelling, faith-affirming narrative.

“The thing that we explore in this show that’s maybe different from other medical dramas is that we go into the interpersonal workings of this ensemble that we have on screen,” Varvel said. “And we see real-life questions: What do you do when you’re trying to discover your purpose in life? What do you do when things don’t go your way? What do you do when tragedy strikes?”

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He said “County Rescue” mixes together faith, family, romance, and so much more, showing what happens in the lives of EMTs who “put themselves in harm’s way every single day” to save others’ lives.

The biggest differentiator, of course, is faith, something Varvel called a “key component to the show,” which is also currently streaming on Great American Pure Flix.

In addition to discussing the show, Varvel also shared his passion for performing and creating content in the faith and family-friendly TV and movie space:

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“When I was 18 years old, I had entered a short film that I made into a statewide arts competition in Indiana, where I’m from,” he said. “It was just a proclamation of what Jesus has done in my life. I’ve been set free from my sin. I’ve been born again” according to Faithwire.

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