Author: Daniel S. Warner

From my soul and all within,
Let eternal music spring;
Melodies of love and gratitude,
To our Father’s name above,
And the Son of heaven’s love,
Who hath made in us His sweet abode.

Oh, rejoice forevermore,
For He’s washed our garments white;
Oh, rejoice forevermore,
In this blessed evening light.

In our happy souls a voice
Bids us evermore rejoice,
And again rejoice, ye royal seed!
Oh, we cannot cease to sing
Praises to our heav’nly King,
For the love of God we feel indeed.

Hallelujah! we are free,
Children of the jubilee,
And we’ll sound the golden harps of God;
All is bright, supernal day,
And our tears are wiped away,
Through the precious all-atoning blood.

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