RCCG 2024 Fasting and Prayer Points / Guide


The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) 2024 prayer and fasting has commenced, with the theme, “The Wind is Blowing”, as announced by the general overseer, Pastor E.A Adeboye. The fasting period serve as periods of seeking God’s face, spiritual rejuvenation, and seeking divine intervention in personal and corporate matters for the new year. They are designed to help members deepen their relationship with God, experience spiritual breakthroughs, and align themselves with God’s purpose for their lives.

The RCCG 50-days prayer and fasting 2024 kicked off on Thursday, January 11, 2024, and will run through to Thursday, February 29, 2024.

Pastor E.A. Adeboye (RCCG) 2024 Prophecy

Rccg fasting and prayer 2024 pdf download

Members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and everyone joining in the RCCG 50 days fasting and prayer 2024 are expected to come to the church every evening of the fasting program by 6pm, to break the fast for the day.

Winners Chapel Prayer Points for 21-Day Prayer and Fasting 2024

See RCCG prayer points for 2024 fasting and prayers below

BIBLE TEXT: Exo 14:21-22
And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided. And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left.

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The Lord has declared through our Father in the Lord (Pastor E.A Adeboye) that; “The Wind is Blowing”. The wind of God surely repositions His children for good and brings destruction to His enemies. At the peak of the storm while the Israelites were in between the forces of Pharaoh and the red Sea, God used an uncommon technique – “The Wind” to deliver the Israelites, The wind blew in favour of the Israelites and repositioned them to the Mountain top The wind has started blowing in our nations. Let us pray that the wind will blow in our favour as we turn to God in prayers using this guide during the 50 days fasting and prayers in Jesus name.

DAY 1 – Thurs, Jan 11th, 2024

BIBLE TEXT(S): Ps. 101, 105, 136: 1 – END
Thanksgiving is the art of giving thanks to God through the demonstration and
show of appreciation for all His goodness. It is good to appreciate the Lord as
Hannah did in 1 Sam 2.

Father, I thank You for creating me in Your own image in Jesus name
Gen. 1:27

Father, I thank You for declaring me “very good” after creating me, in Jesus
name Gen. 1:31

Father, thank you for giving me dominion over all the works of your hands, in
Jesus name Gen. 1:26.

Father, I thank you for the gift of salvation for mankind in Jesus name.
John 3:16.

Father, I thank you for showing unto me the only way, the truth and life.
John 14:6

Father, I thank You for the salvation of my soul in Jesus name
Psa 62:1.

RCCG 50-Days Prayer and Fasting 2024 Prayer Points PDF Download

Father, I thank you for my sanctification in Jesus name. 2Thes. 2:13

Father, thank You for Your mercy that endures forever over my life in Jesus
name. Lam.3:22-23.

Father, I thank you for renewing your mercies every morning over my life, in
Jesus name. Lam. 3:22.
10.Father, I thank you for the grace of sleeping and waking up every day in
Jesus name. Psa. 3:5.
11.Father, I thank you for forgiven my past attitude of ingratitude in Jesus
12.Father, I thank you for keeping every member of my family alive in Jesus
13.Father, I thank you for divine protection and provision in Jesus name.
Psa. 91:1-5
14.Father, I thank you for divine healing in Jesus name. Psa. 107:20
15.Father, thank you for your wind blowing in my favor, my family, your church
and nation in Jesus name.

DAY 2 – Fri, Jan 12th, 2024

BIBLE TEXT(S): Psa. 51:1-end, Hab. 3:2
INTRODUCTION: God created man in his image and likeness. Man was
enjoying smooth fellowship with God before man sinned and fell short of the
glory and mercy of God, but God’s thought towards man is of good and not of
evil. God sent His only son, Jesus Christ to pay the price for the sin of man
through His mercy, therefore as many that will confess and forsake their sins,
the Lord is ready to forgive by His mercy. It is time to cry to God for mercy and

Father please have mercy on me and forgive me my sin, in Jesus name.
Rom 9:15

Father, let mercy reign over judgment in my life, in Jesus name. Jam.2:13

Father have mercy on me and forgive me my iniquities, in Jesus name.

Father let your goodness and mercies follow me all the days of my life, in
Jesus name. Psa 23:6

Father, hear the voice of my plea for your mercy, in Jesus name. Psa 28:2

Father, at every location I have lost your mercy, please Lord forgive me and
restore your mercy back into my life in Jesus name. Ps.51:12

Prayer Points For CCG 50-Days Prayer and Fasting 2024 PDF Download

Father, I confess and forsake my sin, please Lord let me obtain mercy and
forgiveness in Jesus name. Pro 28:13

Father, with you there is forgiveness, forgive me Oh Lord the sins of my
fathers, in Jesus name. Psa 130:4, 106:6.

Father, mercy and forgiveness belongs unto you, have mercy and forgive me
my sins in Jesus name. Dan 9:9
10.Father, because your son’s blood was shed for me, use the blood of your son
to cleanse me in Jesus name. Heb 9:28
11.Father, because you are the God of love and righteousness, forgive us our
iniquities and show your people mercy in Jesus name.
12.Father, let your mercy be available for me and set me free from where the
judgement of the enemy had tied me in Jesus name.Ps.130:7-8.

Oh my God, in the multitudes of your mercies please let me obey and serve
you like I have never done before in Jesus name. Psa 69:16
14.Father, we ask for your mercies over every error we have committed in your
church and our gatherings in Jesus name.
15.Father, as your wind is blowing, please stretch forth your hands of mercy and
forgive me all my past errors that have separated me from you in Jesus

DAY 3 – Sat, Jan 13th, 2024

BIBLE TEXT(S): Psalms 91:1-end, Psa 121:3-8, Rom 13:1
It is our duty as good children to watch, encourage, and stand in the gap for our
father and mother in the Lord. They also need our backup and support in the
place of constant intercessions and thanksgiving be made to God all times on
their behalf- 1Tim 2: 1-2

Download Prayer Points For CCG 50-Days Prayer and Fasting 2024 PDF

1.Father, we thank you for your beloved son, Pastor Enoch, Adejare Adeboye, we
thank you for your call upon his life in Jesus name.
2.Father, we thank you for bringing him out of darkness into your marvelous light
in Jesus name.1Pet.2:9.
3.Father, we thank you for enabling your son to enter into a great covenant with
you, in Jesus name. Exo 23:25
4.Father, we thank you for anointing him so powerfully and making him a blessing
to this generation in Jesus name.Ps.89:20.

Father, we thank you for using him to spread the gospel through your Church,
RCCG to over 187 countries in the world in Jesus name. Math.28:19-20.
6.Father, we thank you for our mother in Israel- Pastor. Mrs. Folu Adeboye, for the
support she is giving to the ministry of your son Pastor E. A. Adeboye in Jesus
7.Father, we thank you for your divine protection and provision over Pastor E.A.
Adeboye and his family in Jesus name.Ps.89:23

Lord, we thank you for long life and prosperity for your son Pastor E. A. Adeboye
in Jesus name.Ps.91:16
9.Father, let your son Pastor E. A. Adeboye fulfil all his assignments in his life time
in Jesus name. Zec 4:9
10.Father, please let your son Pastor E. A. Adeboye and Pastor. Mrs. Folu
Adeboye finish well and strong in Jesus name. 2Ti 4:7
11.Father, please continue to strengthen him and empower him for the task
ahead in Jesus name.Isa.40:31.
12.Father, never let any of your words in the mouth of your son Pastor E. A.
Adeboye fall to the ground in Jesus name, 1 Sam 3:19
13.Father, let your son Pastor E. A. Adeboye grow from glory to greater glory in
Jesus name. Prov.4:18.
14.Father, please do not let there be separation between you and your son
Pastor E. A. Adeboye, jealously guide your relationship with him in Jesus
name. Ps.89:24
15.Father, Let your wind blow in favour of daddy G.O and the family in Jesus name.

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