Though rough or smooth may be the way, Put God first;
He see-eth ev’rything you do, As swift life’s journey you pursue.
Be careful lest you prove untrue, Put God first;

Put God first, Put God first;
‘Tis He alone can hold you fast,
Can guide your feet till storms are past
and lead you safely home at last,
Put God first!

When you are tempted to do wrong, Put God first;
If sinful men around you throng, Put God first;
It never pays the right to yield, Though Satan’s hordes may take the field,
Your all, for good, be glad to wield, Put God first!

When sorrow’s winds around you blow, Put God first;
though all His plans you do not know, Put God first;
He holds the future in His hands. The winds obey His blest commands.
Your very soul before Him stands, Put God first!

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