Prophet Abel Boma 2024 Prophecy

Prophet Abel Tamunominabo Boma 2024 Prophecy
Prophet Abel Tamunominabo Boma 2024 Prophecy

Prophet Abel Tamunominabo Boma 2024 Prophecy (video below)

Nigerian Prophet Abel Tamunominabo Boma based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has released a prophecy for 2024, stating there would be so much “conspiracy” in the coming year.

In a video shared on his known YouTube page, Prophet Boma said 2024 will be full of conspiracies, such that even Christians will be among the conspirators.

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  • “Conspiracy in 2024 will be so high. Christians, the so-called born-again, will be the number one conspirator. Christians (would) constitute 80%.
  • “I’ve seen great men of God, sat down, and conspired against somebody.
  • “Some of your pastors will drop the Bible in 2024. You will see your close sister conspire against you, in 2024.
  • “God told me and I heard it clearly; I’m really afraid.”

He continued:

“Sickness that looks like COVID is coming in 2024. God said I should tell you that if you are travelling, travel with your 2023 vaccination card.

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“Also, there would be scarcity of men.
“Then, President Bola Tinubu, pray for him. I implore you all to pray for him, because if he dies, we go back to square one. I know you all would not like to see Kashim Shettima, a northerner as president.”

The prophet few months ago, September, said he sees the United States of America (USA) “giving Nigerians a lot of visas”. The United State will “bypass” several visa appointment wait times for Nigerians, he said.

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“I saw America giving Nigerians a lot of visa (sic) because of the new relationship that has been established. So the Lord is saying these appointment dates and all that stuff they used to do, the Lord said I would bypass it.

The Lord said I would reset it, it would go back to normal or they would create a new system on how to run it.”

“So The Lord said if you want to go to the US, it is time, it is time for you to start the process by 2024 because I see opportunities for so many people in Nigeria to visit the US. I saw a lot of visas being granted.” So, that’s what The Lord is saying.

“By December, start applying, The Lord said a lot of visas will be permitted.”

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