Author: Daniel S. Warner,

O precious Bible! burning words from heaven,
We’ll ever cherish thee in our heart;
Sweet is the counsel by thy pages given:
On life’s dark ocean, our only chart.

Blessed Bible! Blessed Bible!
Joyful tidings from our home;
Thou art the rock of everlasting ages;
Hope of eternal bliss at heaven’s throne.

O precious volume! only in thy pages
We read the duty of all our race;
Only thy sunbeams, shining through the ages,
Reveal the wonders of saving grace.

This book of heaven shall endure forever;
And from its wisdom we’ll never turn;
Weighed in its balance, all the creeds that sever
Are only stubble, ere long to burn.

Dear book of mercy, on thy sure foundation
We build a dwelling-place for our soul;
Hearing and doing all thy revelation,
It stands unshaken, though billows roll.

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