Pray For Christian Authors’ Newly Adopted Daughter Fighting Cancer

Pray For Christian Authors’ Newly Adopted Daughter Fighting Cancer
Pray For Christian Authors’ Newly Adopted Daughter Fighting Cancer

Christian authors Michael and Lauren McAfee recently adopted their daughter, Zion, from China. But, a month after her adoption, the toddler ended up in the hospital after doctors discovered a tumor in her liver, according to Faithwire.

“Talking child cancer treatment, meeting a dozen doctors, and waiting for so many test results…how was this my day today?” Lauren wrote in a Facebook post last week. “Yesterday morning, Michael and I were waking up expecting another normal day, going through our morning routine with Zion, making her eggs, and giggling at her overly expressive faces at breakfast. We had no idea that we would get a call from her doctor that afternoon and be sent straight to the ER to be admitted because a tumor had incidentally been found in some unrelated scheduled tests she had been through.

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“We are still in shock and scared, and I don’t quite know what to say except that we are reminding ourselves of God’s promises and praying for healing. Will you pray with us?” Lauren asked.

The couple adopted Zion from China. In addition to being authors, Michael is the director of community initiative at the Museum of the Bible and Lauren works in the corporate offices of Hobby Lobby. After only a few days after Zion’s adoption, Lauren admitted how “natural it feels” being her mother.

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“We’ve learned her routines, and she’s warmed up to us. It feels like this was just always what was meant to be,” she said.

Zion went into surgery to remove the tumor only a few days after its discovery. Doctors reported that the surgery went as well as it possibly could and were able to remove the entire tumor. Michael shared on Facebook that the couple is would learn on Friday if Zion will need chemo.

“One of the best and weirdest parts of this journey is Zion doesn’t know she’s on it. She just keeps charging forward with relentless joy and energy,” Michael said on Twitter. “She cannot imagine the fight ahead of her. But I can promise you this, she’s up for it.”

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The couple recently released their book, Not What You Think, which encourages all people, regardless of belief, to push past misconceptions about the Bible.

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