Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke Seeks Prayers After Bone Surgery

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke
Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

Founder of Christ for all Nations, CfAN, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, is requesting for prayers from fellow believers in Christ Jesus, whom he described as prayer partners, across the globe for quick recovery after undergoing a right femur bone surgery.

The evangelist shared an emotional message on his Facebook page which he titled a personal matter, describing the current situation of his health.

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My dearest prayer partners,

It is my desire to share with you my present situation. I definitely need your prayers, as Paul the Apostle needed it from the early churches for his personal needs.

Right now, I am in hospital and have undergone a right femur bone surgery. All has gone well so far, but now I have to add a few weeks of learning to walk again. My spirit is rejoicing, especially when I think of you. I have been able to pray for you and your very many needs and am asking you to pray for me now. I will read every reply and thank you in anticipation and in the Name of Jesus.

Pressing towards the mark with jubilation.

Your fellow laborer in Christ,
Reinhard Bonnke.

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  1. The Lord Christ Jesus intervenes into your health condition and makes you able to run and utilise your legs as never before in Jesus name. You will not use up to a week before you walk again in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. Ho! Brother Bonnke you made yourself available for God to use you to bring hopes into the lives of many people around the world,as a result of that our God which we all serve,will always meet you in your time of needs Amen.

  3. How good is the Lord in heavens, great are the deeds of the Lord on Earth. To the maker of all things good shall all recount.
    God is faithful to the least of His servants, a soldier of His camp will he not disdain. Thou faithful servant of God and his great evangelist, who requested for nothing else but faith, shall be made whole again for the nationswide newest testimony.
    Thou shall walk again yourself.
    Faithful is he that calleth thee for he will also do it.
    And the prayers of the faithful and your beloved household and family you’ve raised offered receives an Amen in Christ Jesus name I pray.

  4. In the name that’s above all names, Let the healing power in the name of Jesus restore you today that you begin to walk using that leg, and not faint, run and not be weary. I see you walk as you agree with me now in the name of Jesus Christ.Amen

  5. I speak quick and speed healing in your bone and the whole health. I prophesy as God used you to heal and deliver, let the same healing power locate you now and begin to walk as never before for the gory of God in Jesus name.

  6. Our Senior Dad Reverend Bonke, you were raised as a gift to Africa and for Africa. The blood washed Africa. In your days of preaching in Africa images of lifted walking sticks and empty wheel chairs were witnessed, manifestation of the healing power through Jesus Christ. God is not unfair to forget your labor of love towards us and He cannot abandon you in a hospital bed in your aged days. In the name of Jesus christ I petition God for your healing. We love you so much

  7. You have many brothers and sisters in Christ praying for your continued healing and strength to face each day. May God’s presence be very real to you right now in your room.
    God bless you.

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