Author: Jennie Mast

From afar in that city of light
Comes a heavenly message to me,
Reminding me through the dark night
Of a welcome far over the sea.

Over the sea I long to be,
Over death’s chilly tide;
A mansion so bright, so full of delight,
Is waiting on yonder side.

In that land with its vesture of green
There are treasures and riches unknown,
And beautiful mansions unseen,
Prepared by the Lord for His own.

I can catch from that evergreen shore
An immortal strain borne on the tide,
Sung by millions who entered the door,
Through the fountain that flowed from His side.

Through the fountain that flowed on the tree,
I shall join them, triumphant at last;
Clothed anew, will love’s mystery be
Of all anthems the sweetest and best.

When we see Him descending the sky,
Let me fly from this temple of clay
To that rest in the sweet by and by,
Precious rest at the end of the way.

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