Author: Daniel O. Teasley

Ninety-nine were safely sheltered,
Lying in the Shepherd’s fold;
Only one small lamb had wandered
O’er the mountains bare and cold.

O’er the mountain goes the Shepherd,
O’er the steep and rugged way;
On the night winds hear Him calling,
Seeking for His lamb astray.

Dearer to the loving Shepherd
Seems the one lost lamb astray
Than the sheltered nine and ninety,
So He seeks it far away.

Over crags, the lost one seeking,
Goes the Shepherd through the storm:
Then with joyful heart He bears it
Homeward on His gentle arm.

Sinner, Jesus died in mercy,
That thy soul might ransomed be;
Through the wounds that save the wand’rer
Flows His precious blood for thee.

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