Author: Lottie Porter

As we think of our dear Lord, how He bore our sin and shame,
The load was so heavy on His soul;
When He suffered all the scoffs, and the scorns from those He loved,
He was suff’ring that we could be made whole.

Oh, take a look there, when He suffered for you,
And listen to those kind, gentle words:
As He prayed, “Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do,”
He was praying for your and my poor soul.

In Gethsemane He bowed, there He prayed for you and me,
The load was so heavy on His soul;
Oh, He cried in agony, and the way was made so free,
He was praying that we could be made whole.

They led Him to Calvary, His dear body tired and worn,
The load was so heavy on His soul;
There they nailed Him to the cross, where He bled and died for you,
He was dying that we could be made true.

Oh, just listen now, I say, there they laid His form away,
The load is now placed upon our souls;
Will you go in agony, weeping in Gethsemane?
Will you pray there for lost souls every day?

The grave could not hold our Lord, on the day He should arise
He came forth a living sacrifice;
And, dear sinner, He will save your lost soul from sin’s cold grave,
And bring you back to life, oh, life again.

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