Author: Mike Atnip,

Jesus, You are my LORD,
King of nature restored,
You conquered all my love!
I’ve risen from the dead,
Beauty in ashes’ stead,
I’m resurrected now!

Your kingdom now has come,
Your rule on earth begun,
In my heart reigns Your love!
Satan has been cast out,
Of grace there is no doubt,
I now have overcome!

Hope like an ocean wave
Breaks the fear of the grave:
Abounds faith and true love!
The lame leaps like a deer,
The deaf ones now can hear,
Ransomed by Your own blood.

Judgment streams o’er the earth,
Displaced the nations’ mirth
With Your eternal love!
Vanity flees away,
Darkness repelled by day,
Life springs out from the tomb!

Truth is reality,
Righteousness given me,
I am made just by love!
The desert blooms again,
No more oppressed by sin,
Enlivened by Your word!

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