Author: Clara M. Brook

O love divine! no soul has e’er
Thy wondrous depths explored;
O priceless gift! we fain would have
Thy riches on us poured.
Let mortals join with all their might,
Let earth and heaven both unite
To sing thy praise both day and night—
The half can ne’er be told.

O love divine, what treasures yet
Within thy coffers lie!
The gold and silver of the earth
Would not thy riches buy.
E’en though the sands upon the shore
Of every sea should turn to ore
Of choicest metal, ’twere no more
Than naught compared to thee.

O love divine, in thee our souls
Eternal pleasures find,
Surpassing all that earth could give,
Were all its pow’rs combined.
Thy music sweet we love to sing,
Our spirits e’er to thee would cling,
An off’ring now of praise we bring,
In humble sacrifice.

O love divine, ’tis wonderful
That mortals here below
May share thy grace most excellent,
Thy wondrous power know!
Around our hearts fore’er entwine,
And let thy beauties in us shine,
That we may be, O love divine,
Completely lost in thee.

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