Author: Harold Marlow,

O day so wondrous,
We take thee to us,
And wear thy glory
In all our hearts;
Thou givest gladness,
Thou soothest sadness,
Through thy bright sunshine,
All care departs.

Sing, sing, sing of His glory;
Sing, sing, sing while we may;
God gives, God gives the sunshine,
He gives, He gives the day!

Behold about us,
Beneath, above us,
All nature trembles,
Throbbing with life;
We sing, confessing
God’s fullest blessing,
O day so holy,
Calming all strife.

Then join our voices
In happy chorus,
His angels watch us,
And with us sing;
They are about us,
Though far above us,
And, like the sunshine,
God’s blessing bring.

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