Author: Barney E. Warren, pub.

O blessed Lamb of God so dear!
For Thou hast come my heart to cheer;
Thy blood alone hath made me free,
That cleansing stream from Calvary.

O Calvary, dark Calvary,
There Jesus bore the cross for me;
O Calvary, dark Calvary,
Hark! hear Him groan for you and me.

Thou suffering One! Thy blood was shed,
A crown of thorns was on Thy head;
Oh, Thou didst bear such pain for me,
Upon the cross of Calvary.

My gracious Lord, I will adore,
Through love He did my soul restore;
I heard Him gently calling me,
In melting tones from Calvary.

That crimson stream flows from Thy side,
O fountain great, so deep and wide;
My sins are gone, it reaches me,
That precious blood of Calvary.

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