Author: Joel A. Erickson,

If you have started on the heav’nly road
Pay heed to every sign:
The One who paid the weighty debt you owed
Made it by His design,
And He will help you make the best of it,
Though raging storms may blow,
No matter what the way is, never quit—
Forever onward go!

There is no parking on the holiness highway,
Just keep straight and true on track;
Beware of going down a beckoning byway,
Many never make it back;
Though there are often many troublesome trials,
Jesus knows about your load,
And He will help you on the holiness highway—
It’s the one and only road.

When there are mountains on the road ahead
Just onward, upward climb;
Remember then the warning sign that said:
“No Parking Any Time”;
When all across the way it seems a wall,
Our God will make a way—
Just trust and listen for your Leader’s call;
Keep on without delay.

When come the cares of life to snare your soul,
Cast all upon the Lord;
Submit to God and give Him full control,
So follow at His word;
When worldly wisdom tries to tell you how
To travel on your way,
Just listen to the Father speaking now,
“My Son hear and obey.”

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