Author: Gertrude E. Worthingtonalt., pub.

I have given up all to my Savior so dear,
And His praises I ever will sing;
And though all of this world should forsake me while here,
To my Savior I ever will cling.

He leads me each day in the heavenly way,
So onward and upward I’ll climb;
In the straight, narrow way, I’m determined to stay,
Till I leave this old dark world behind.

I’ve received such great light, and its beams are so bright,
That the past of my life’s way seems dim;
I will walk in this light by day and by night,
Still closer I’ll cling unto Him.

Some think I’ve done wrong by leaving the throng,
Who abide in sectarian strife;
But I’ve only come back where God’s people belong,
From Babel I fled for my life.

I have a good home in the fold of my Lord,
Where His sanctified children all dwell;
I am glad that I heard the truth from His word,
And now with my soul all is well.

Someday when my life and its labors are o’er,
And my sheaves at His feet I lay down,
I will meet all the saints on that beautiful shore,
And receive a bright, glittering crown.

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