My Redeemer! O what beauties
In that lovely Name appear;
None but Jesus, in His glories,
Shall the honoured title wear.
My Redeemer!
Thou hast my salvation wrought.

Sunk in ruin, sin, and misery,
Bound by Satan’s captive chain,
Guided by his artful treachery,
Hurrying on to endless pain;
My Redeemer!
Plucked me as a brand from hell.

Mine by covenant, mine for ever,
Mine by oath, and mine by blood,
Mine-nor time the bond shall sever,
Mine as an unchanging God.
My Redeemer!
O how sweet to call Thee mine!

When in heaven I see Thy glory
When before Thy throne I bow,
Perfected I shall be like Thee,
Fully Thy redemption know.
My Redeemer!
Then shall hear me shout His praise.

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