Author: Haldor Lillenas

Many hands are reaching for the bread of life
Far across the rolling sea;
Shall they perish in their misery and strife?
Shall they always hungry be?

Send the gospel tidings over land and sea,
Let the hungry souls be satisfied,
Till the pow’r of Jesus sets the captives free,
Oh, lead them to the Master’s side.

Many hands are bound in chains of want and woe
In the far-off heathen lands;
Shall we not in haste unto their borders go—
Set them free, as God commands?

We cannot be idle any longer now,
While the souls in darkness die;
Gather them as jewels for the Savior’s brow,
While the days are passing by.

Many faces look to us for hope and peace—
Shall they look to us in vain?
Jesus can redeem them, cause their sighs to cease,
Rend their chains of sin in twain.


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