Lord Jesus, my blessed Redeemer,
I humble myself at Thy cross;
I die to the world and its pleasures,
And count all its riches but dross.

Oh, make of me what Thou wilt have me to be,
As clay is so I am to Thee;
Just fashion me to Thine own pleasure,
Till Thou shalt Thine own image see.

Lord Jesus, help me to do something
To save some poor sinner today;
Oh, may I live so I can win them,
And never to turn them away.

Lord Jesus, help me to be patient,
And gentle and kind would I be;
And teach me to do to my brother,
As I would have him do to me.

Lord Jesus, help me to be faithful,
And never to yield to the foe;
And when to Thy courts I am summoned,
Oh, may I be ready to go.

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