Scott Brenner
So Hyang
Sligo G Choir
Lena Park
Brian Kim
Power Praise


  1. Hello can you give me words of inspiration I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember but our house I still the same incomplete and people just laugh at us whenever they see our house I can’t even bring myself to show my friends where I live however much they ask, I want to be a gospel musician one day but all these things people tell me make me lose more and more faith so what can I do

    • God is in control of everything, you can’t just let people opinion matter to you, your faith is your strength.. let them laugh they’ll surely be tired of laughing when God’s time finally come and your household will be celebrated among the ones God came through for, so believe in God and pursue your career as a gospel artist! God is forever faithful and you’ll surely reap the fruit of serving God in abundance, great is thy faithfulness.

    • Don’t lose faith. Their’s nothing u cannot become with faith. Even if people make jest of u, Don’t mind them and pray to God to make u a singer for him, to have a way and raise help fr u. God bless you

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