‘Jesus’ Film That Has Led Millions To Christ To Be Released In Its 2,100th Language


The 2,100th foreign language translation of the 1979 movie “JESUS” by a global evangelism ministry, The Jesus Film Project, is set to be released, focusing on a language spoken by a South American tribe known for the killing of five American missionaries in 1956.

The Jesus Film Project is a Campus Crusade for Christ International ministry devoted to sharing the film with people across the globe. The ministry will release a new translation of “JESUS” in the Waorani language, spoken by roughly 3,000 indigenous Amazonian Ecuadorians.

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“Our mission is to reach everyone everywhere with the good news of Jesus Christ. The way that we do that is through translating ‘The Jesus Film’ into heart languages and partnering with the body of Christ to show ‘The Jesus Film,’” said Josh Newell, the executive director of The Jesus Film Project, told The Christian Post in an interview.

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“We work together to evangelize people and to see new churches and fellowships established as a result of that missionary activity. There’s a lot of stories that come around from people who share the story of Jesus through ‘The Jesus Film,’ and incredible results and stories of people who are hearing about Jesus for the first time.”

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